The National Archives of Serbia were founded in 1900. Prior to that Serbia adopted a law that would enable the creation of a national archive through the adoption of a law on National Archives on the second of December 1898. However, archival work already started in 1847. The name of the archives varied from time to time, during the time that Serbia was a kingdom it was referred to as the Royal National Archive.

The first proposal to establish a national archive came in 1847, but the Law on National Archives was only adopted on 14 December [O.S. 2 December] 1898.[3] The Archive began operation in 1900. Its first official name was National Archive of the Kingdom of Serbia. The name was changed several times. Between 1918 and 1945 it was called National Archive (during this time it was National Archive of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia). Between 1945 and 1948 the name was National Archive of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia. Between 1948 and 1969 it was National Archive of the People's Republic of Serbia (the separate Archives of Yugoslavia were established in 1950). In 1969, the Archive was given its current name, the Archive of Serbia

More information on the Wikipedia page [1].

The website, in Serbian, is [2]

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