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The Archives of the History of American Psychology (AHAP) is a large collection of historical papers, instruments, films, photographs, and artifacts located at the University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio.

The Archives of the History of American Psychology was established in 1965 at the University of Akron. Since the beginning, its main focus has been the collection of manuscripts which includes papers from over 740 psychologists.

The Archives have been expanding continuously since then, with the establishment in 1976 of the Child Development Film Archives. In 1980, numerous gifts of books were added to the collection, and they include published literature dealing with the "substantive content of psychology as well as with its history and philosophy." The Archives of the History of American Psychology is a subject-matter archives

The collection contains over 740 individual collections, 50 records from organizations, 1,000 instruments and apparatuses, 6,000 film records, 15,000 images, 6,000 three-dimensional as well as paper and pencil tests, and 50,000 volumes including rare books, textbooks, professional and trade publications.

The website is [2]

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