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The King Fahad National Library (KFNL, Arabic: مكتبة الملك فهد الوطنية‎) is the legal deposit and copyright for Saudi Arabia. It is located in Riyadh and was opened in 1990.

Among its special collections are the libraries of Ihsan Abbas, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Mani, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Khamis, Sheikh Uthman Ibn Hamad al-Haqil, Sheikh Muhammad Husayn Zaydan, Fawzan Ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Fawzan, Yusuf Ibrahim al-Sallum, Muhammad Musa al-Salim, Sheikh Muhammad Mansur al-Shaqha, Sheikh Abd Allah Abd al-Aziz al-Anqari, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Umar al-Sheikh, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad al-Nasban, and Sheikh Husayn Ibn Abd Allah al-Jarisi.

The website, in Arabic, is [2]

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