The Lebanese National Library (Arabic: المكتبة الوطنية, French: Bibliothèque nationale du Liban), located in Beirut, is the national library of Lebanon. It closed to the public in 1979 due to the Lebanese Civil War, and its surviving collections were placed in storage. Restoration of its volumes and planning for a new site began in 1999.

The library was established in 1921, with a donation from Viscount Philippe de Tarazi of twenty thousand books, many rare manuscripts, and the first issues of national newspapers. De Tarazi's instructions were that his donation should form "the core of what should become the Great Library of Beyrouth." It was placed under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education in 1922. It moved to the Lebanese Parliament building in 1937.

More information on the English [1], French [2] and Arabic [3] Wikipedia pages.

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