The Lied Library building, at 5 stories and 302,000 square feet (28,100 m2), is the largest on University of Nevada, Las Vegas's (UNLV) campus in Paradise, Nevada. It was designed by LEO A DALY. The Architect of Record was Pugsley Simpson Coulter Architects (formerly Welles Pugsley Architects). The University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries were established in 1957 and now include the main Lied Library (pronounced LEED), three branch libraries: Architecture Studies Library, Teacher Development & Resources Library, and Music Library. In addition, two virtual campus' are supported (Shadow Lane and Singapore Campus). The UNLV Libraries offer a collection of over one million volumes, access to over 20,000 online and print journals and more than 2 million additional resources of various media such as microfilm, DVDs, and government publications. The library is equipped with over 250 computers and is part of the campus wireless network. Visitors with identification may use library computers to access the Libraries' online holdings, but Internet access is not available to the general public.

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