The Scarabelli library is the public library in the city of Caltanissetta, Italy which was established by Antonio Mordini in 1862 in the premises of the ex-Jesuit convent.

The library, founded on many donations and acquisitions of volumes, was named after Luciano Scarabelli on 12 May 1882 because of his enlightened generosity. He donated many volumes which were added to the requisitions of books of the religious orders in the area.

Those who contributed to building the relevance of the library were: the abbot Girolamo Maria, at that time Pietro Guadagno di Caltanissetta; the prefect Domenico Marco d'Ivrea; the professor Luciano Scarabelli from Piacenza and the nisseno librarian Calogero Manasia. The library has an important fund of volumes and papers. In addiction, it has a collection of historic works such as 11 incunabula of philosophical and religious argument dated back to 1476-1496, 2 scrolls, 1042 16th century works and 281 manuscripts.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1].

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