Willy Timm (born February 5, 1931 in Unna, Germany, March 30, 1999) was a town archivist and Unna's most important local historian.

He published a detailed bibliography of all works published up to then. This was a home-made treasure trove, but with a total of 224 works, it only partially reflected its authoritative activity. Among the most important works acknowledged in professional circles are, among others, the publication of the "The Cadastre of the Contributive Goods of the County Mark of 1705", published in 1980 and approximately 500 pages, and the "History of the City of Unna", edited in 1975 with a total of 12,000 copies. For the narrower Unna area, Timm founded the widely-read Hellweg library, which summarized an almost complete concentrate of the entire history of the homeland. For Unna's personal history, his "Bürger und Brautweinbuch der Stadt Unna 1623-1808", published in 1995, was of vital importance. Timm's various volumes of works, entitled "Unna in old views" and "Hagen in alten Ansichten" ("Unna in old views"), with excellent accompanying texts, reached high sales figures. One of the favorite topics of the many-time local researcher was the description of periods of time and events concerning the history of the church.

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